The story so far

Let’s rewind back in the 80’s. A group of close friends, experience the colorful pulse of the stylistic exaggeration that this era, imposes. Their daily life is filled with the creativity of designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Francois Girbaud and Katharine Hamnett. Their passion for the New Wave, Punk, Glam Rock and electronic music, is mixed with the visual identity of groups like Craftwerk, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Sex Pistols, The Cure. They frequent clubs such as The Mad Club in Plaka and later Faz, Alarm and Aerodromio in Athens Greece. They love the color black as they can express their worries, communicate their diversity, allow their personalities to “speak” through their black, contemporary, asymmetrical clothes.

The story of our logo

Our Birth
Pilot logo 1984
The New Identity
The Continuation
NN Logo 2012
The New Era
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Mind The Gap​

Somewhere between the avant garde, the very expensive price tags, the timeless aesthetics of Yamamoto and the punk sensitivity of Vivienne Westwood, something was missing. Something more price friendly yet still progressive. And so, this group of dreamers, passionate about fashion and music, decide to take action.

In 1984,  NO NAME was born and they filled a gap in the Greek market for innovative and affordable, contemporary men’s fashion. The first store opened in the cult area of the capital of Greece, in Athens , at Athinas Street (!) in Monastiraki area, where Greeks and tourists of the time, had as a reference point for its unique underground, subcultural vibe and youth activity. The group of friends and now designers, express the pulse of their personal expression in all their collections and become the talk of the town, in record time. Their collections embody a clear design identity, that leads beyond the privileged few, with deep wallets and allow access to everyone who lusts the need to look and feel authentic, in affordable prices.


The new millennium is rising and fashion is radically changing. Global fashion connoisseurs,  communicate through technology, regardless of their geographical location. The new generation is defined by understated coolness and their visual style is diverse, spontaneous and totally eclectic.

In 2006 the company’s structure is updated with new artistic and technocratic partners. Always focusing on Greek identity and European design, lead into the first steps for international expansion that is becoming a tangible reality. The Greek ethos of the brand is particularly celebrated while the sharp cut and the perfect fit, puts emphasis on the expression of a personal style with distinctive identity. The Millennials come into play and menswear fashion comes to the forefront, with a clear international audience, that craves innovation and new fashion statements, in every corner of the world.

With the dominant hashtag #timeless, the dynamic and absolutely stylish citizens of the world, love above all the freedom for personal expression and timeless aesthetic. They demand adventures in style with no limits.

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Here & now

In 2020,  at the dawn of the new decade NO NAME is renewed once again, making a dynamic comeback in the international digital retail market.
Www.nonameathes.gr is relaunched and men alike can follow and shop in the comfort of their own space and time.

Yet in the 14 physical stores in Greece and Cyprus, these two brands continue to welcome their loyal customers with new collections and unique limited edition product drops, that express the multidimensional personality, of a modern Greek Thinker, who is also a Global Man.

Made in Greece was always a manufacturing priority for NO NAME as in recent years, Greece is experiencing a unique momentum with millions of visitors obsessing over the “Kalos” and natural beauty of the country’s landmarks and distinctive island destinations. The relaxed but rejuvenating Greek lifestyle inspires this international audience to find solace in these two brands that follow global standards of style, quality and character.

Clothes with Greek citizenship, with special tailoring techniques, detailed know-how and excellent finishing techniques of high standard qualifications. Where necessary, selected European manufacturing units contract men’s office suits, adding unique value to this specialty final product, yet always characterized by a visible Greek design DNA.

From day ONE, NO NAME  were passionate about quality, distinctive design, perfect fit, and the right balance between product and retail pricing. A winning combination which continues to strengthen the brand with national and international customers that fanatically support, buy and “live” with the clothes and accessories of the brand 24/7, 365 days, wherever they are in the world. It manages to “breathe” the pulse and creativity of each wearer in collections that express the customers personal identity, for a Life Less Ordinary.